Getting My Foot Fixed

Make Tracks To A Podiatrist To Address These Three Issues

Dealing with any number of issues with your feet can impact your mobility and quality of life, especially if you have a job that requires a lot of standing. There's no need to suffer -- by visiting a podiatrist, you'll be well on your way to alleviating your foot pain or irritation without the use of pain medication. Here are three common foot-related issues that podiatrists can treat effectively.

Plantar Fasciitis

A common issue among many people, plantar fasciitis describes the irritation of the tissue that runs between your heel and your toes. It's characterized by a sharp pain when you walk in your bare feet and is common to develop if your feet have high arches or very minimal arches. Over time, this condition can change your walking gait, which can lead to other issues throughout your body. Your podiatrist can provide relief for plantar fasciitis in a variety of ways. First, he or she will likely show you how to use stretches to reduce the inflammation, and you'll also learn the value of putting ice on the sore area. Additionally, the podiatrist can measure your feet to have custom orthotic inserts made for you to wear in your shoes to reduce your pain.

Athlete's Foot

Even if you're not an athlete, it's easy to develop this fungal infection that typically occurs around your toes, but can spread elsewhere in your foot. The symptoms of athlete's foot range from mild itchiness to severe burning and discomfort, which can make even a short walk feel like a chore. Your podiatrist will take a multi-faceted approach to helping you move past this issue. You'll receive suggestions for anti-fungal cream that can help to kill the fungus, while the health professional will also talk about your choice of socks and footwear. If you sweat profusely or wear old shoes, for example, you're giving the fungus a prime opportunity to grow. Changing into dry socks and buying a new pair of shoes can help keep this fungus away.

Cracked Heels

When your feel are excessively dry, you'll commonly experience cracking of your heels. This condition can cause pain, but a trip to your podiatrist can help. He or she will talk about any lifestyle traits that might be leading to this issue -- for example, if you stand for long periods of time, walk around barefoot or wear shoes that don't fit. The podiatrist, one like Center for Foot Care, will then suggest solutions, which can include tips to ensure your shoes fit correctly.