Treating Your Pain Following A Bunionectomy

Bunions can be incredibly painful. Fortunately, surgery is an option for removing a bunion and starting you on the path to healing. The surgery to relieve a bunion is commonly referred to as a bunionectomy. Unfortunately, though a bunionectomy treatment can ultimately provide you with long-term pain relief, the surgery and its recovery process does typically involve some pain and discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe certain painkillers to help you ease this pain. [Read More]

Tips For Preventing And Treating Runner's Toe

If you've started long-distance running or training for a marathon, you want to protect your feet and ankles as best as you can to prevent an injury. Foot injuries are common in runners. All it takes is the wrong shoes or rolling your foot on a rock to put you on the sidelines. One common injury that you're likely to encounter when you run frequently is called runner's toe or jogger's toe. [Read More]

Don't Let These Senior Foot Issues Slow You Down

As you age, your feet change. Muscles and tendons become smaller and weaker and less able to hold your feet and toes in the proper positions. You lose fat in your feet which once protected areas from rubbing against your shoes. All of the foot ailments in the senior are treatable, though. Visit a podiatrist when you have signs of any of the following issues and keep yourself up on your feet. [Read More]

Reasons Why Avoiding Flip-Flops And Sandals Encourages Good Foot Health

When summer weather is present, many people ditch their sneakers and conservative shoes for airy flip-flops or sandals. While these shoes contribute to the cooling of the feet or showing off nail polish or jewelry, they can also cause quite a bit of havoc if worn day in and day out. Here are some reasons why saving flip-flops and sandals for special occasions like beach days, and wearing supportive shoes the rest of the time can be helpful to the health of your feet. [Read More]