Getting My Foot Fixed

2 Common Foot Injuries From Playing Sports

Feet are a truly amazing part of the body. The foot is used time and time again by athletes out on the football field, basketball court and a whole host of other venues. It gives you balance and helps you move quickly from one place to another. However, your foot could easily end up getting injured playing sports. Check out some of the common foot injuries athletes sustain.

Turf toe

While termed turf toe, it doesn't happen just to those who are out playing football. Turf toe occurs from constant hyperextension of your big toe. People who wear light shoes are often the ones who end up sustaining this injury. It also occurs in those who do a lot of box jumps or triple extensions. Individuals suffering from this will often feel pain when pushing off the ground to make a quick movement on the court or field.

Your best bet to overcome this condition is to give your toe time to heal. Resting and icing on and off every 20 minutes can help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Make sure to up the support in your shoes as well to prevent the injury from happening so quickly again.


Individuals that suffer from bunions are those who over-pronate. You are supposed to use the muscles in your foot that provide support to your arch when stepping. However, many people end up using their bones and ligaments instead. This ends up making the arch in your foot collapse. Don't push off with your big toe. Push off with the ball of your foot. Anytime you start feeling pain in your big toe that gets worse when you put your shoes on could be a sign of bunions.

Again, rest and ice can help to alleviate the pain. However, a podiatrist can also look into freezing the bunion for you to provide you with a little faster relief. They will have to examine the foot to see just how bad the bunion is first. You will also have to work on walking the right way to prevent the bunions from coming back time and time again.

Playing sports is a great way to have some fun and stay in shape. However, you have to make sure you are doing things the right way to prevent injuries to your body. If you ever have any questions, you can always discuss them with the podiatrist. Contact a professional like Dr. Lisa M. Schoene for more information about treating your foot injury.